Highlights videos about Milid Week opening, Unesco curriculum for teachers and Milid-UNITWIN Programme presentations

The Communication and Education Cabinet has produced three audiovisual materials documenting some of the most outstanding plenary Milid Week. The first one of these videos shows the opening ceremony of the event, where speakers emphasized the crucial role played by training programs in mediated societies to promote independent and responsible citizen. The other ones reflect the program of UNESCO-UNITWIN Milid UNAOC and sharing of point of views and reviews about the Unesco Curriculum for teachers. Both presentations brought together leading practitioners in the field of Media Literacy. The aim of these sessions was to discuss and propose initiatives to citizenship education in the use of the media. Members of UNITWIN Cooperation Programme on Media and Information Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue (UNESCO-UNAOC) presented the Action Plan program for the next biennium in the sitting Promoting Milid. Among them were representatives of the member universities of the program. Representatives of Unesco, experts and scholars also talked about the curriculum that has prepared this institution to promote Media Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue from school.

MILID WEEK BARCELONA 2012 - Video Summary

Media and information dialogue can change us World

By Eloisa De Felice, speaker on Milid Week

From Egypt to China, from USA to Jamaica, from Japan to Sweden, and more: Italy, Finland, Morocco, Brasil, Mexico and many more. Languages and culture, really, from all over the world! A multi-coloured palette, amazing and fascinating, created by its participants. To welcome them, in its caliente embrace, the city of Barcelona, Spain. Now, then, “think of Dante and tell him: write the Divina Commedia in only 140 characters!” and here’s to you Milid Week or: Media and Information Literacy and International Dialogue.http://milidweek-eng.blogspot.com.es/ An intense week to work...

Media and information dialogue can change us World

Milid Week in Pictures: A space for academic exchange and cooperation

Milid Week was a congress that allowed academic exchange and, at the same time, the strengthening of ties of solidarity and cooperation between actors in the field of Media Literacy.

In this regard, Conference has also been the meeting place and the opportunity to consolidate ties between people working together though humanistic and democratic skills and values. Sharing expectations, results of work and projecting initiatives together have contributed to this.

Here some images that show these moments. We will continue posting more images of the event.

The Cabinet presented the projects of the International School of Media Literacy, DINAMIC and EMEDUS

Santiago Tejedor, deputy director of Communication and Education Cabinet, Cristina Pulido and Juan Francisco Martinez, also researchers from this Cabinet, presented on Milid Week the current projects as well as others that will be released soon by this researching and working group.

These projects contain several efforts in the area of ​ ​research and training in media literacy and integrate the Local Action Plan of Barcelona UNITWIN Programme of the UNESCO Chair-UNAOC.

Members of UNESCO-UNAOC Global Chair approved during Milid Week the action plan for the next biennium

UNESCO-UNAOC Global Chair held during the Milid Week Congress a meeting of its members in order to approve the Action Plan for the next two years Milid UNITWIN program. Representatives of member universities worked in delineation of actions on the basis of an earlier document prepared jointly. The plan contains a wide range that includes training, research and promotion of Milid and exchange between members of the chair. These include developing a web site for UNITWIN program and for a Clearinghouse; the annual publication of a Year Book on Milid, the launch of a scientific publication, the annual seminars at meetings of the members of the Chair, the organization of festivals and events associated to media, conducting research, the implementation of an international PhD program and a summer school, exchange of students and scholars, and the adaptation and monitoring, by the member universities, of the implementation of UNESCO curriculum in different countries. At the meeting, the proposal was enriched and it was defined a basis for new agreements to improve the description of activities and specific tasks. Among the issues discussed there was also the coordination of the Chair, which this year corresponds to the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​and the realization of Milid Week, whose next edition will be held at Cairo University, Egypt, (2012) and Tsinghua University, China, (2014).

Welcome letter from the Conference Director

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Welcome to MILID WEEK Barcelona 2012.
Your presence will enrich a meeting with the participation of hundreds of experts from around the world.I would like to take this opportunity to highlight some ideas that are at the core of the project MILID WEEK.
MILID WEEK is not only a congress or a scientific conference or a project fair. It is all that and something more: a space to imagine new projects, make alliances and establish networks, a workshop for new MILID initiatives.
MILID WEEK has to be a common endeavor, the opportunity to launch new projects and the opportunity to create a community of experts, scientists, academics and activists who work together in MILID. So, the important thing is the day after MILID WEEK, the day we work together and, therefore, all the activities of MILID WEEK must be oriented to the day after.

What do we expect from those involved in the roundtables? We hope you will contribute with ideas and initiatives based on your own experience, reflection, projects or researches. We hope these ideas will lead