The Cabinet presented the projects of the International School of Media Literacy, DINAMIC and EMEDUS

Santiago Tejedor, deputy director of Communication and Education Cabinet, Cristina Pulido and Juan Francisco Martinez, also researchers from this Cabinet, presented on Milid Week the current projects as well as others that will be released soon by this researching and working group.

These projects contain several efforts in the area of ​ ​research and training in media literacy and integrate the Local Action Plan of Barcelona UNITWIN Programme of the UNESCO Chair-UNAOC.

Among other projects, Santiago presented the International School of Digital Media Literacy, an initiative that aims to contribute to training in different skills and abilities related to information and participation into knowledge society.

Martinez also presented the European Media Literacy Education Study (EMEDUS) project on the Media Literacy and Lifelong learning Round table.

This research is a comparative analysis of the state of media education in national curricula of 27 European Union countries. The project is now in its second phase. The first one consisted in the compilation of a huge documental catalog on Media Literacy Education in Formal Education, Informal and Disadvantaged Groups, to be used by the project Consortium.

Moreover, Pulido presented the research Development of Media Literacy Indicators Individual, Corporate and Citizens (DYNAMIC), which will propose an update of the measurement systems of quality on media literacy developments.

The presentations led to public interest and allowed to open a dialogue on projects to understand and integrate the perspective and experience of other institutions and professionals.

Tejedor also introduced other initiatives of the Action Plan Barcelona, such as: ​​Tahina-Can, MILIDEDUCATION Television, the School of Young Journalists, Young Reporters and several Milid publications.