Welcome letter from the Conference Director

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Welcome to MILID WEEK Barcelona 2012.
Your presence will enrich a meeting with the participation of hundreds of experts from around the world.I would like to take this opportunity to highlight some ideas that are at the core of the project MILID WEEK.
MILID WEEK is not only a congress or a scientific conference or a project fair. It is all that and something more: a space to imagine new projects, make alliances and establish networks, a workshop for new MILID initiatives.
MILID WEEK has to be a common endeavor, the opportunity to launch new projects and the opportunity to create a community of experts, scientists, academics and activists who work together in MILID. So, the important thing is the day after MILID WEEK, the day we work together and, therefore, all the activities of MILID WEEK must be oriented to the day after.

What do we expect from those involved in the roundtables? We hope you will contribute with ideas and initiatives based on your own experience, reflection, projects or researches. We hope these ideas will lead
to the creation of networks able to engage groups and people in developing them. The CELEBRATIONS OF MILID WEEK will allow us to evaluate the progress of these ideas.

What do we expect of those who have made communications abstracts? 
We hope that during the next six months we will have the support and evaluation of various experts to develop those ideas and publish them in high impact scientific publications. Our idea is that after this process,  the developed papers will be published in February 2013 in various books or reviews. So, we begin a work in progress supported by the MILID scientific community.

What do we expect from the MILID WEEK audience?
We expect their support to develop ideas and to foster the projects that arise. In general we want to create a community project based on cooperation and solidarity. We are sure that we have many things to do together.
We have divided the sessions into both English and Spanish but we are confident that everyone will work together as a community. The languages will not be a barrier and intercultural dialogue is open.
We thank you very much for your attendance and for your participation.

Welcome to Barcelona.

José Manuel Pérez Tornero
Conference Director
Gabinete de Comunicación y Educación
Facultad de Ciencias de la Comunicación - Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona